Production of private drinks

Are you thinking of a smart promoter?

Energy drink is a great one and you can have the design of your company, hotel or club on it.


We can provide:

  • The production of energy and other drinks at your request
  • Exclusive advertising products (company logo, slogan or photo….)
  • The design of the drink in the form of printing (can) or sleeve label (it covers the whole product)
  • Filling into cans, PET bottles or glass bottles

Possibilities of use:

  • Promotion and presentation
  • Trade fairs and exhibitions
  • New product and service implementation on the market
  • Direct mailings
  • Advertising present
  • New store and business place openings
  • Your own drink distribution (discos, clubs, gastronomy, hotels, sportclubs, cultural and social events) – double effect: self-promotion + distribution benefits

We guarantee:

  • Delivery term within 6 weeks from accepting the order
  • The date of expiracy within 2 years since the date of production
  • Fully certified rights for offtaking and the following distribution, absolute product supervision on the national as well as international market
  • Delivery of testing samples
  • Additional promotion programme at request, ensuring promotion materials for the support of sale, production of refrigerators and the like
  • Assistance with trademark and product registration